Questions & Answers

Are your products genuine?

Yes they are, the majority of our products are manufactured here in Thailand under strict Government supervision, we only buy from Government licensed Pharmacies. Products from other Countries are all bought under license and there is no chance of getting counterfeit goods from our website. There are a lot of fake Steroids made in China and the old Eastern block Countries, but none of these ever appear on the market place here. Many Bodybuilders from all over the World come here to train and stock up on the gear they need, Thailand is known worldwide for it’s genuine steroids.


Is Everything In Stock?

Everything we carry is 100% in stock, and ready for immediate purchase.


How Quickly Will I See Results?

Results vary from individual to individual because we are all bio-chemically different, and respond differently to Anabolic products. Use in conjunction with a very clean diet, and high intensity workout for maximum results.


You prices are low compared to similar web sites. Why is this?

We are based in Thailand where steroids are legal and we buy all our products direct from licensed manufacturers. Due to the legallty of these 'medicines' there is no black market imposing inflated prices.


How can I be confident that you will send my order and that you will not rip me off?

Most of our business is repeat business (from very satisified customers). We have invested a lot of time and effort in building our franchise and developing this web site. We are here for the long run. Ripping people off will not make a long term business. If you are unsure, I ask you to place a small order to test our service and if you are satisfied, come back for more. And if you are not happy with anything we do - I want to know about it!


Are steroids legal?

Steroids are classified as medicine in most countries, and as such you should have a prescription to buy them legally. Steroids are legal in Thailand and we can sell them to anyone without a prescription. In the U.K. steroids are legal for personal use and the customs cannot take them (unless they are in sufficient quantity for the order to be classified as commercial) but orders are broken down for shipping so this never happens.


Are steroids safe?

Not all steroids are created equal! Some orals have been chemically prepared so that they take longer for your body to break down. This is good for body building but bad for your body. They have been C17 alkyl-alkylated which makes them relatively toxic for your liver. Certain oral tablets are not C17 alkyl-alkylated (such as Andriol and Winstrol) and are less likely to cause side effetcs (at reasonable doses). Though injectables are not C17 alkyl-alkylated they are not free from side effects. Just like orals, injectables should be taken in sensible doses followed by a suitable steroid holiday to allow your bodys functions to return to normal levels.


What are anabolics?

Anabolics are synthetic derivatives of testosterone, and have been engineered to enhance its anabolic (muscle building and repairing) properties and minimize the androgenic (sex-linked) properties. Along with this modification each compound will have often additional benefits and properties that can allow a specific effect to be achieved, and are found in a variety of strengths.
Anabolic hormones work by stimulation of receptor molecules in muscle cells, which activate specific genes to produce the proteins needed by the muscles to grow. They also affect the activation rate of enzyme systems involved in protein metabolism, thus enhancing protein synthesis and inhibiting protein degradation (an anti-catabolic effect).
When anabolic/androgenic steroids are administered they cause an increase in phosphocreatine synthesis. ATP adenosine) is the fuel that your muscles use to actuate contractions. For this to occur ATP must be changed into ADP (adenosine diphosphate) so that energy can be released. This allows for muscular contraction. In order to convert ADP back into the energy source ATP phospcreatine (CP) is needed. The more CP that is available, the greater regeneration of ADP to ATP and the greater the work capacity of the muscle at an accelerated rate. Increased CP levels also increase cellular glycogen and protein stores (amino acids) in muscle tissue. CP also increases cellular size, due to an increase in intercellular nutrient volume.
AAS have a positive effect upon fat distribution and storage. There are 2 reasons for this. The first reason is that AAS reduce the amount of insulin released in response to nutrient intake and improved insulin sensitivity. This is in part due to an improved CP synthesis rate and other metabolic factors resulting in an athlete's muscle cells becoming better able to absorb nutrients such as carbohydrates in the form of glucose and glycogen and proteins in the form of amino acids. Insulin is anti-catabolic and anabolic. Great for muscle cells, but it also causes the conversion of glucose into glycerol and then into triglycerides. Insulin can therefore increase fat stores and growth of fat cells. A decrease in insulin release and an increase in insulin sensitivity mean better utilisation of nutrients for muscle growth. The second reason AAS effect fat is because testosterone blocks the activity of a fat-synthesizing hormone called lipoprotein lipase. Since lipoprotein lipase is blocked, less can be produced and stored. HGH also has this effect.
Some of the beneficial effects of Anabolics are:
Excellent anabolic qualities and the resulting lean tissue augmentation
Increase in muscle size and strength gains
Increased muscle glycogen synthesis
Increased athletic performance and endurance
Increase fat mobilization and decrease fat synthesis
Promotes red blood cell count for improved oxygen / nutrient transport and vascularity
Increased bone density, formation, and mineral use
Increased creatine phosphate (CP) synthesis and storage
Enhanced recovery and regenerative qualities
Improved cortisol control and protein sparing qualities
Androgenically induced brain function / training intensity
Increased metabolic rate
Improved self-confidence, energy, memory and sense of well-being.